ISBM Machine: Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

ISBM Molding

Use isbm molds for ISBM machine to manufacture plastic bottle in one machine

What is ISBM molding?

ISBM molding mean to use single stage injection stretch blow molding machine to produce plastic bottles.
isbm machine injection-tooling

What’s different with general molds?

ISBM molds need high precision for injection, stretch, blow, molding and forming. It must be suitable for our ISBM machine. We will provide molds for ISBM machine. We don’t suggest you use 3rd party molds. Because while create molds, the designer must be familiar with our ISBM machine. Otherwise, maybe cause lots errors will effect the work efficiency of ISBM machine.

Type of ISBM molds

Feeding bottle mold
Beer plastic bottle mold
Tissue culture flask mold
Water bottle mold
Food plastic mold
Cosmetic bottle mold
Olive oil mold
Pill bottle
Gasoline mold
Test tube mold
Plastic Juice Bottles
PET plastic mold
PS plastic mold
PETG plastic mold
Tritan plastic mold

ISBM Molds for ISBM molding

isbm machine precision-molding
isbm machine plastic-mold-parts
isbm machine plastic-molding
isbm machine plastic-molded-parts
isbm machine molding-mold
isbm machine micro-molder
isbm machine injection-molding-mold
isbm machine injection-molded-parts
isbm machine injection-mold
isbm machine custom-plastic-molding
isbm machine abs-injection

Inquiry for ISBM molding

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